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Family Law is a significant part of civil law in India that governs various aspects of familial relationships, such as marriage, divorce, adoption, inheritance, and child custody. Family law in India is primarily based on personal laws, which differ depending on the religion of the parties involved.

The family laws in India address a wide range of issues related to familial relationships, such as the requirements and procedures for marriage, the rights and obligations of spouses during the marriage, grounds for divorce, child custody, maintenance, and adoption. The laws also provide for the protection of women's rights in marital relationships and the rights of children in family matters.
When matrimonial dispute arises between parties to marriage, it brings number of litigations with it. It includes civil as well as criminal litigation and involves civil laws, family laws, matrimonial laws as well as criminal law.    ​

Our experienced family lawyers offer compassionate and comprehensive legal services to help guide families through challenging times. Our knowledgeable team of professionals can assist with a wide range of legal matters, from child custody disputes to divorce and adoption.

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