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Trusted Legal Expertise With a Personal Touch

In 2009, we became an independent litigation law firm in New Delhi that provides legal services to individuals, multinational corporations, public and private companies, and other corporate entities.

Our Law Firm has a versatile and efficient team of advocates/lawyers who are specially trained and have distinguished experience in specific areas of law.

Our team of advocates is divided into three tiers viz. Trial court team, High Court Team, and Back Office Team. The back office team provides pleading and drafting services at every level to our clients.​ 


SHARAD NAGPAL & ASSOCIATES is a litigation services firm founded in 2009 by Advocate Sharad Nagpal, who has a wealth of experience since 2000. The firm serves a diverse range of clients, including individuals, public and private companies, multinational companies, PSUs, and other corporate entities across the country. The core area of practice is civil, commercial, and criminal litigation & arbitration.

The Team

Behind the Scenes

At Sharad Nagpal & Associates, we have an exceptional team of lawyers with expertise in various areas. Today, the role of lawyers is not limited to defending the rights of their clients but to also ensure that litigation is minimized. So, the need for specialist services has emerged and is especially needed in addressing complex issues, and hence our team of lawyers strives for legal excellence as well as appreciates the commercial and corporate environment in which its clients operate.

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