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Services Under Arbitration Law

  1. Drafting of Agreements: We can help in drafting the arbitration agreement between the parties, which is the foundation of the arbitration process. The advocate can ensure that the agreement includes all necessary provisions, such as the number of arbitrators, the rules governing the arbitration, the language of the arbitration, and the place of arbitration.

  2. Representation in Arbitration Proceedings: Our Team  represents the parties during the arbitration proceedings. The advocate can assist the parties in presenting their case before the arbitrator, including the submission of evidence, cross-examination of witnesses, and making oral arguments.

  3. Legal Opinion: We can provide a legal opinion on various aspects of the arbitration, such as the interpretation of the arbitration agreement, the jurisdiction of the arbitrator, and the scope of the arbitration.

  4. Enforcement of Award: We assist in the enforcement of the award by filing an application in court for the execution of the award.

  5. Setting Aside of Award: Our Team can also represent the parties in setting aside the award, if necessary. The advocate can help in filing the application to set aside the award and argue the case before the court.

  6. Mediation and Conciliation: We also provide mediation and conciliation services to the parties, which are alternative methods of resolving disputes outside of the court system.

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